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Beautiful Bride


I absolutely love weddings! I love going to them, watching them on movies, and hope one day to plan a wedding of my own. I hope to one day officially become a wife in front of the people who are most important to me–my friends and family.


I am in my late 20s and have been to/in a good number of weddings.  When I think wedding I think beauty. I love how everyone has there own vision of what a beautiful wedding is but how different yet amazing each wedding  is. There is never one wedding that is the exact same yet the love of the room remains constant. From the diamond, to the decor, to the flowers, and most importantly the bride. I’m a sucker for love and cry at every single wedding I go to.

There is so much to consider when becoming a bride. Yes, there are the details of the wedding such as the bridal party, the location, the menu, etc, but there is also a lot that goes into making sure you look flawless on your wedding day.



Below are some helpful tips I found on when picking out the best dress for your shape.

The Mermaid  Wedding Dress – Suits hour glass and rectangle shapes

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

The Trumpet Wedding Dress – Suits hour glass and rectangle shapes

Trumpet Wedding Dresses

The A-Line  Wedding Dress – suits the Inverted Triangle, the Rectangle, the Pear and the Hour Glass

A-Line Wedding Dresses

The Princess Wedding Dress – suits all shapes

Princess Wedding Dresses

The Empire Wedding Dress – suits all shapes, height also an advantage

Empire Wedding Dresses

The Sheath / Column Dress – suits the Hour Glass but even better the Rectangle

Sheath/Column Wedding Dresses

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress – suits all shapes

Ballgown Wedding Dresses

The Tea Length Wedding Dress – suits all shapes, height an advantage

Tea Length Wedding Dresses

The Mini Wedding Dress – suits Rectangle and Hour Glass shapes, slim legs an advantage

Braid it up



My hair is super curly and can be difficult to deal with. When summer comes around, my curly locks turn to goldilocks which I love. Because my hair is so thick and I am often found poolside, it’s just to hot and  want it our of my face. I wear it in a ponytail but I need something more fun. This brings me to the braid. Celebrities have made headlines with their amazing summer braids. They are coming more and more popular in hair and fashion magazines. I have started simple by opting for a cute low messy side braid or a half crown braid around my face. It works best for me but there are so many other styles out there that work for all hair types. Below is a tutorial provided by on how to create the increasingly popular fishtail braid. So whether you have a night out on the town or just having a bad hair day, this spunky look is guarantee to turn heads.


Me vs. Mega Millions


The jackpot of the Mega Millions lottery was higher last Friday than it ever has been. $640 million could help a lot of people in today’s economy.  I think they made a mistake and I am the actually the winner…oh wait I didn’t buy a ticket nor am I in Maryland, Kansas or Ohio.  I guess that makes me an addition to all the losers/ Although I was not one of the 3 winners I thought it would be fun to dream. Here are 3  things I would do if I were to win…

1. Travel: I have always had a dream to travel the world. I’ve been to Canada and Mexico but if I had the money I would go far! I have always wanted to travel to the Greek Isles. The beautiful beaches and monuments have always sparked an interest to me. I love the Mediterranean cuisine. If only I had been one of the 3 winners, I could be sitting on a  gorgeous Greek structure eating souvlaki’s and staring at the scenery.

2. Shop: As soon as I got my winnings I would hop my happy butt on a plane to NY City and live it up! I would be like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City minus being left at the alter.  I would have so many new purses it would be insane. Along with all of my new fashion splurges, I’d of course have to get a new car, boat, and home. If you are going to win big; shop big. I can’t see myself carrying designer handbags and still drive a Honda, so yeah I think I’d have no choice but to settle for the Mercedes G-Wagon.

9' 2 x 9' 0 Ivory Qom Area Rug

3. Decorate: What’s the point in buying a new home if  you don’t decorate it. I would put gorgeous art work in and silk  rugs from in every room. I would have a beautiful back porch with an inviting swing to lay on every day, since of course I wouldn’t be working. I would have my infinity pool over looking the beautiful beaches of Kauai, Hawaii.

Well I guess it’s back to reality huh?! Unfortunately I will not be living the luxurious life today, but if I work hard one day I can possibly enjoy that kind of life. Better yet, I think I’ll just buy some lottery tickets.