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What App Is That?


In today’s tech savvy world, it is very common to see people constantly connected to their tablets, phones, and other electronic devices. It’s almost silly to think how reliant we can be of technology. You can have a business meeting through and iPhone. Crazy right?! I have an iphone and without it I’d be lost. I thought I would share some of my favorite apps!


Avyn’s  Top 5 iphone Apps

1. Pandora Radio: I love music. Pandora is a free app which allows users to create stations according to their  favorite artists, bands, or types of music. The station will then play songs related to the station created.

2. Instagram: Instagram is a nice app because you can stay connected with friends, family, athletes, entertainers, etc., via photos. It’s nice sometimes not to have to read a status about how someone is doing, instead it is captured by a simple photo and a short caption.

3. Pintrest: Everything imaginable is on this app. Whether you are looking for a good recipe or a craft to do with your family, Pintrest is the spot. I personally love to look up inexpensive crafts to make decor for my home or to gift.

4. WordPress: As you may have guessed, I enjoy writing! The WordPress app allows me to constantly have access to my blog as well as follow blogs I enjoy reading.

5. Snapchat: I find myself using the Snapchat more and more lately. Snapchat allows users to take pictures and videos, caption them and send them to friends. There is however a time frame of how long the person receiving the Snapchat can have access to the photo or video. I love getting random Snapchats from people because usually the photos are funny pictures of my family and  friends making silly faces with hilarious captions.

Crushin’ Candy


OK guys, it’s time to make for me to come clean. My name is Avyn Rhodes, and I am addicted to the game Candy Crush.


It is time to let the world know I am hooked. Everyone I know was talking about this game. I used to laugh at some of my friends because they would literally, play the game under the table at dinner. It was ridiculous to me. Come on people it’s just a game, grow up.


I did enjoying playing Words With Friends from time to time before bed, but I would just play my turn with everyone then pass out. Well one day a few friends and I were in Charleston, and literally ALL of them were talking about the Candy Crush game.


Enough was enough. I was over hearing about this game. Then I did the unthinkable– I downloaded it.

Biggest mistake a person can make. Ha!

The game is freaking addicting.  The challenge was addicting. I was hooked. Yes, I beat level 30, then 90, and now I’m stuck.  Level 110 you are a BITCH. I  have been stuck on level 110 for literally, 3 weeks. I just want to beat it!


Those of you who play can probably relate to this story. I just want you to know if you ever feel like you may have an addiction to Candy Crush–you are not alone!