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My Favorite Netflix Picks!


Along with my addiction to Candy Crush,  I often find myself watching Netflix. Whoever invented it, one word: GENIUS! Paying less than $10 a month to watch unlimited television shows and movies?! Totally worth it. I thought I would share some of my favorite Netflix choices for those who may need some ideas.

I have never been a movie person but I’m slowly learning to enjoy them.  Mostly comedy but I am starting to branch out a bit.



  1. The Sweetest Thing- This is one of my favorite picks for a girls night! It’s fun, it’s edgy, and it’s romantic. Not to mention, Cameron Diaz is one of my favorite  actresses!
  2.  A Little Piece of Heaven- The adorable Kate Hudson plays a terminally ill patient who makes the most of her situation making the most of each day. Have a box of Kleenex ready because this is a tear jerker.
  3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- Matthew Broderick and Alan Ruck always keep me laughing in this 1980s classic. It is  based on a high schooler  and his best friend skipping school.
  4. Limitless- Bradley Cooper plays a writer who dabbles into a secret drug keeping his life in thrill. I think I’d watch anything once with Bradley Cooper in it–sexy!
  5. What to Expect When Expecting- I think this is an adorable insight of several situations and obstacles people face in the transition of becoming parents. The cast is full of A-listers.


As for TV shows go, I’m not going to lie, I watch some of the most tasteless television–reality TV. I know half of it is totally unrealistic but something about these housewives and teen moms keep me wanting to know more.



  1. Weeds: This is hands down my favorite television show. It is about a suburban widow finding a not so legal way to raise her boys.
  2. The League: My boyfriend and I started watching this and it is surprisingly good. It is about a group of friends (all with extremely different personalities) who play together in a fantasy football league.
  3. Orange Is the New Black:  I can’t say anything about this except this is a GREAT SHOW! Watch it! I promise you won’t regret it!
  4. The Office: Steve Carrell plays a not so typical  boss in this semi-dry comedy.
  5. Family Guy: I don’t know why I like this show but I do. It’s your typical frat boy, morally questionable, animated comedy.