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Uniquely Creative Holiday Gifts!


I will be frank–times are  financially tough around here. Last year, Amazon was my go to for Christmas, but this year is different. I often see the most unique gifts in little boutiques, but let’s be honest–I can’t afford boutique prices. So what do I do? I decide to turn to Pintrest. I get ideas from pinners, then put a unique twist of my own to them. Not only has it saved me a TON of money, but it has also been a fun way to dig into my inner creative side. So far I have only had one or two bumps along the way–mainly being burnt my the hot glue gun, but that’s not too bad for making  homemade gifts for 7 different people (so far that is).  Although my gifts may not be from the trendiest shop or by the hottest designer, I made them and I am proud. Did I mention my new best friends have become a hot glue gun and modge podge! So as this holiday approaches, keep in mind it is not about how much money you spend, it’s about spending time with those you love. Get creative and make something for your friends and family members that shows your creativity. Don’t waste your money on a boring gift card or another gift set from the beauty store. Do it yourself!


Here are just a few things I’ve made so far!



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