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Bronzed Beauty


It’s summer time and the sun is shining. Hair is getting lighter and skin is getting darker. Who doesn’t enjoy soaking up a little Vitamin D by the pool or planning a trip to Mexico? But let’s face it, many of us have many other obligations and can’t always sit outside and tan. That’s why many women tend to use bronzer. Bronzer is something that people need to remember–”a little goes a long way” We all have seen someone, whether it be the Jersey Shore

images-5cast or someone working at the local farmer’s market who seems as if they have gone a little overboard. Their neck is an olive skin tone and their face is the same shade as  nacho cheese Dorito. I am not one to judge, however I am more about bringing out your natural beauty with the assistance of Mary Kay products. Mary Kay offers a variety of products that offer a bronzing look. My personal favorite is the Mary Kay mineral bronzing powder. I have found that the mineral products are more of my personal favorite because I don’t like my face to feel too cakey. I use  small amount (remember less it more and you can always add a little more if needed) with my blush brush and the lightweight powder gives me and instant sun kissed tone without looking unrecognizable. To learn about the other bronzers available please visit my website: or email me directly at


Hobby Happiness


How much time do you actually sit down and take sometime to yourself doing something you truly enjoy?  We all have hobbies. Some of my hobbies include writing, tanning, and hosting parties.

Writing is therapeutic for me. Some people do yoga others take walks to go to clear their mind. My therapy is writing. Nothing helps me get into my zone like writing. There is nothing in particular I write about– just whatever  comes to me at the moment. It is my way of expression. Sometimes I write for an audience but other times I write to meditate or help gather my thoughts.

Sometimes I take my iMac to the pool with me and write by the pool. Which brings me to another one of my favorite things to do–TAN! I know there are many risks in soaking up the UV rays so I do my best to protect my skin. Now that is summer I try to lay out a few hours a week in order to get my much needed Vitamin D intake.


Sometimes while at the pool I entertain. Summer+parties=AWESOME! My boyfriend Quentin isn’t a fan of sitting out in the sun but if I ask him if he wants to grill at the pool, 9 times out of 10 he agrees. We grill at the pool all of the time! We invite friends and family over at least once a week to grill poolside. Everyone is invited. My favorite item for him to grill is kabobs! We have a system. I put them together (we switch up or veggies and protein every single time) and he grills! It’s a win win situation for us and our guests always LOVE them!


These are a few of my hobbies. I’m sure yours may very but the point of this blog is to have fun. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Do things you enjoy. laugh often, and make the most of every day!