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Stuck Like Chuck


I live in the Carolinas for a reason—it’s WARM! I love summer, flip flops, and sundresses. Usually winters are cold but it is rare to it will will snow more than a few hours during the entire winter. Well I have been stuck in my apartment for the last 3 days due to winter storm, Pax. It snowed and snowed and snowed some more and in Charlotte when it snows it becomes a ghost town. Lucky for me Harris Teeter has been open and is just a couple of blocks away from my home. I never thought going to the grocery store would be my form of entertainment but it has been not only my life saver but also a way for me to safely get out of the house. Although I am stir crazy as heck and can’t wait to get back to work, I have creatively found ways to keep myself occupied.



1. GO OUTSIDE: Because it rarely does snow here in the south, people go nuts when it does. My dad lives in Colorado, I think the snow is beautiful if I am skiing but other than that, I’m content looking at the snowfall from the warmth of my home. If however you are one of the people who enjoys being outside in the snow–build a snowman, take a walk, grab an inter tube and find some hills to go down, or make a snow angel! Please just remember to dress appropriately–layer up, grab your boots, scarves, hats, and gloves.


2. CLEAN: Yeah I know– not the most “fun” snow day idea but I used the last 3 days to deep clean my entire home. I did laundry, organized my closet, mopped, dusted, scrubbed the bathroom, did dishes, and more!

3. COOK: I have cooked much more than usual. To be frank it’s because everything is closed but none the less I have eaten some simply delicious warm meals the past couple of days.



These are extremely simple to make and taste AMAZING! I purchased the pre-pattied sweet onion cheddar burgers from Harris Teeter (you can use whatever type of hamburger meat you prefer).  I placed them on my George Foreman grill for about 20 mins flipping after 10 minutes (you can also cook in your oven or skillet–the choice is yours, I just prefer the grill). Then you can top with your favorite toppings! The one I made was topped with sautéed sweet onions, bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, avocado, and pickles. I mixed hot sauce and A1 as a sauce to dip it in! Don’t knock it til you try it!



All I did for this was get a prepackaged dry soup mix (Bear Creek Tortilla to be exact). I then added sautéed chicken, lime, hot sauce, sour cream and Fritos. It was a good winter meal and took less than 20 minutes to make.

4. RELAX: Watch a movie, have a glass of wine, have a spa night, take a nap. Do whatever you want to do that you may not have time to because of your busy schedule. I work nonstop so I made it a point to rest as much as possible.


Well, the sunshine has finally come out so the white stuff is finally melting but if you are stuck, I hope this gives you some sort of idea of what could make it a little less painful!


My Favorite Netflix Picks!


Along with my addiction to Candy Crush,  I often find myself watching Netflix. Whoever invented it, one word: GENIUS! Paying less than $10 a month to watch unlimited television shows and movies?! Totally worth it. I thought I would share some of my favorite Netflix choices for those who may need some ideas.

I have never been a movie person but I’m slowly learning to enjoy them.  Mostly comedy but I am starting to branch out a bit.



  1. The Sweetest Thing- This is one of my favorite picks for a girls night! It’s fun, it’s edgy, and it’s romantic. Not to mention, Cameron Diaz is one of my favorite  actresses!
  2.  A Little Piece of Heaven- The adorable Kate Hudson plays a terminally ill patient who makes the most of her situation making the most of each day. Have a box of Kleenex ready because this is a tear jerker.
  3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- Matthew Broderick and Alan Ruck always keep me laughing in this 1980s classic. It is  based on a high schooler  and his best friend skipping school.
  4. Limitless- Bradley Cooper plays a writer who dabbles into a secret drug keeping his life in thrill. I think I’d watch anything once with Bradley Cooper in it–sexy!
  5. What to Expect When Expecting- I think this is an adorable insight of several situations and obstacles people face in the transition of becoming parents. The cast is full of A-listers.


As for TV shows go, I’m not going to lie, I watch some of the most tasteless television–reality TV. I know half of it is totally unrealistic but something about these housewives and teen moms keep me wanting to know more.



  1. Weeds: This is hands down my favorite television show. It is about a suburban widow finding a not so legal way to raise her boys.
  2. The League: My boyfriend and I started watching this and it is surprisingly good. It is about a group of friends (all with extremely different personalities) who play together in a fantasy football league.
  3. Orange Is the New Black:  I can’t say anything about this except this is a GREAT SHOW! Watch it! I promise you won’t regret it!
  4. The Office: Steve Carrell plays a not so typical  boss in this semi-dry comedy.
  5. Family Guy: I don’t know why I like this show but I do. It’s your typical frat boy, morally questionable, animated comedy.