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Bachelorette Bonanza!


Being a social butterfly, it is probably not shocking that I absolutely LOVE bachelorette parties!  It is one of the last times you get to go all out before the bride says “I do”. I recently went on a trip to Atlanta (awesome city by the way) for my lifetime friend Casey’s bachelorette party.  We had a ball.

Below are some fun ideas for planning bachelorette festivities.

Spoil the bride.


No matter what, it is essential to make sure the bride to be feels special. This is all about her so make it a pleasantly wonderful memory for her. Whether it be a relaxing spa day or a night out on the town, make sure to keep her feeling fabulous. One thing I thought was adorable was having Casey’s fiancé write her little notes (some were funny some were sweet) and we would give them to her randomly on our trip.  Here is a cute picture of her reading one before we hit the road.


Designate a dress code.

One way to make bachelorette parties fun are by coming up with a dress code. When my friend Blair got married we all wore black and had fun glasses and she wore the outfit of her choice. with a cute veil and sash.


Another adorable idea my friend Jennifer had was making each person who came to her uptown Charlotte festivity wear a tutu. In my opinion,  it was super precious and unique.


I’ve also seen people get t-shirts made, all wear pink, and other similar things, but you can easily custom the dress code to type of person the party is for.


Play games. 

I have played some funny games at bachelorette parties. One of my favorites is  the balloon game.



  • Write down different things the bride to be is required to do before the night ends. (For example, get a stranger to take a shot with her, do a funny dance, get a kiss on the cheek, and other silly things)
  • Insert the instructions in to a balloon.
  • Blow up the balloons and place them on the outfit of the bride to be.
  • When you go out the bride must have all of the balloons popped and completed each task written down or else she has to take a shot.

Try new places.

When we went to Atlanta everything was new to us so we let the bride to be pick a few spots we stumbled upon or we have heard about from friends and checked them out. If you are ever in the Midtown area of Atlanta,  I would definitely recommend the Steamhouse Lounge (amazing seafood) and Publik Draft House (extensive cocktail menu).




Be smart and safe.

If heavily drinking will be involved always remember your body needs food and water. Do not over do it. You don’t want to end up with your face in the toilet all night or passed out before sunset. Also DO NOT drink and drive. Take cabs, plan a stay in slumber party, or go to places in walking distance of you.


Most importantly HAVE FUN!

Little Lessons in Life


You are naive if you believe life is going to be perfect all the time. Sometimes life throws curve balls and we have to learn how to hit a home run instead of strike out. I have recently experienced some intense situations in my life. Some I dealt with fairly easily, whileothers have taken me much longer to understand. In the past few years, I have had to learn to remove the negative energy and excuses for why things may be tough and revert it into positive energy and life lessons.

Little Life Lessons

1.  LOVE your family and friends. Don’t just tell them, show them. Take the 2 hour trip to visit your boring grandmother, or call your mom and listen to how tough her day was at work. The people you call family and friends are there for you, so show them how special they are to you. Our days are numbered, and I, personally want my parents, siblings, nieces, friends, etc. to know how important they are to me. We are all busy, but even if you take 10 minutes out of your day to call up someone in your family you haven’t spoken to in a while, or a friend you went to school with, just to see how they are doing and let them know how important they are to you can truly make a person’s day. I know this because, it makes my day when the phone rings and I hear my sweet nieces, or silly sister’s voice on the other end.


2. Don’t let RELATIONSHIPS consume you. I feel as if some people get too comfortable in relationships. I’m not knocking the idea of love but be sure to be able to love yourself prior to loving another person. If you are honest with yourself and aren’t happy some times as hard as it may be, you have to end the relationship for not only you but also the other person. I recently ended a pretty lengthy relationship due to the fact that I felt as if it consumed me and hindered my future progress as an individual. There was no “cheating”,  I didn’t “hate” him, and there was no major fight to end things. I simply felt my heart wasn’t in it nor was it fair to keep someone in my life because I was “comfortable”. It’s ok sometimes to be uncomfortable for a moment to get your focus where it needs to be. I believe one of the main reasons it has been a mental challenge for him to move on is because he felt as if I was his life. He was an amazing person who no doubt loved me dearly but when things ended, it was difficult for him to stand on his own two feet which in turn made it more difficult for him to move forward.

3. Learn to be INDEPENDENT. I have been pretty blessed to have both a  supportive and encouraging family. My parents have taught me the importance of valuing what you have and hard work. These lessons have molded me into being an independent person. I like being on my own and not asking approval before doing what I want to do. I’m an adult who works hard therefore everything I have done and things I’ve experienced are because I worked for them. I take care of myself and my dog and at the end of the day that’s all I am responsible for. Of course I have had financial set backs, but luckily I have a great support system who will help me get back on track when I may struggle, but I find it important for people to be able to do things for themselves. I think some people may fear being uncomfortable and never learn to do things for themselves.

4. Be MINDFUL of who you let in. Certain people, for example, your family and friends, of course you are going to talk to  about certain things going on in your life, but not everyone you meet needs to know about your personal issues. Some people talk too much while others don’t talk enough. I am very out going and hang out with a lot of people but at the same time, I don’t let certain people I hang out with know too much about me. It’s not that I am being mean or sneaky, it’s because I have learned that people have to earn the right to get to know me. I have let a lot of people in, especially in my early 20s that I should have never talked to or considered a friend. It happens. Some people change while others were never true.  Humans, not all but some, are jealous creatures. Some people hate to see other people doing well, but that shouldn’t stop you from allowing those who do want you to succeed be a part of your experiences.


5. Be APPRECIATIVE. No matter how tough something is don’t forget to appreciate all of the good in your life. Whether it be the sun shining  on a summer day or a  job promotion, never forget how lucky you are to have what you have!


Gobble Gobble!


I feel like I blinked my eyes and it was November. Decked out in my leggings and fall purse, Thursday,  I headed down to my parents house to enjoy a day of family and friends.


It has been quite sometime since I had Thanksgiving there. Usually my brother and I spend time with our father from Colorado but this year we were all with mom. I brought Quentin, my boyfriend, and my brother brought his girls. My aunt, and uncle who has had a pretty rough medical battle this year, and a few of our family friends and parents filled my childhood home. It was such an amazing time. It is really special when you get to spend the day with those who mean the most to you. With everyone having such different schedules, these times are hard to come by.




I have never brought anything to thanksgiving because I have never really enjoyed the kitchen, but this year I felt it was time to contribute. I made macaroni and cheese, and not to toot my own horn–but it was good! Simple, yet delicious, I have included the recipe below

Baked Macaroni and Cheese recipe- done!


6 cups of grated cheddar cheese

4 cups of noodles (I used small shells but you can use elbow macaroni)

2 cups of milk

Optional salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 375. Boil the noodles until soft (about 6-8 mins–just check because you don’t want to overcook them). Use a colander
to drain the noodles. Run cool water over them  as they drain (it helps keep the noodles from sticking). Then in a nonstick Pyrex or buttered metal pan evenly alternate layers starting with noodles on the bottom then cheese, salt and pepper to taste if preferred. Repeat until the pan is full. Top with a generous amount of cheese. Pour the milk evenly over the whole dish, then bake for 25 mins. Then enjoy!!


Let’s be honest here–no Thanksgiving is complete without a kitchen blunder or two. For example, my pumpkin bars may have been in the oven a little too long and left behind at my house on purpose and mom may have been freaking out because the turkey wasn’t cooking as quickly as she had hoped. Comical now; we have more memories for the books! Although sometimes it is easy to get consumed in our own stresses, I am thankful for the day noted as Thanksgiving. Each year is another moment to share a nice meal with those who have help mold me into who I am becoming.

Picture Perfect


So, I have an obsession with pictures! I love taking them, I love being in them, I love looking at them.

I thought it would be cool to give you a little look into my life via photos!


This is me! The one and only Avyn Karen Rhodes! Heyyyyy (in my sweet southern drawl)


I live in the beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina with my sweet boyfriend and our silly puppy!




My family is absolutely amazing!

ImageI have an older brother and two sweet nieces who live in Asheville, NC.  Our younger sister is a student at Rollins College in Florida. We all get closer the older we get. He is the typical big brother–the one who gives you advice and she’s the little sister who you have fun with!


I spend a lot of time with my friends.








I enjoy writing, spending time by the water (pool, beach, lake—it doesn’t matter), and selling Mary Kay!




Whelp, that’s pretty much me 🙂  I am a happy person and I try to surround myself with good people. I do what makes me happy and have learned that’s the way to live a happy life.