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Crushin’ Candy


OK guys, it’s time to make for me to come clean. My name is Avyn Rhodes, and I am addicted to the game Candy Crush.


It is time to let the world know I am hooked. Everyone I know was talking about this game. I used to laugh at some of my friends because they would literally, play the game under the table at dinner. It was ridiculous to me. Come on people it’s just a game, grow up.


I did enjoying playing Words With Friends from time to time before bed, but I would just play my turn with everyone then pass out. Well one day a few friends and I were in Charleston, and literally ALL of them were talking about the Candy Crush game.


Enough was enough. I was over hearing about this game. Then I did the unthinkable– I downloaded it.

Biggest mistake a person can make. Ha!

The game is freaking addicting.  The challenge was addicting. I was hooked. Yes, I beat level 30, then 90, and now I’m stuck.  Level 110 you are a BITCH. I  have been stuck on level 110 for literally, 3 weeks. I just want to beat it!


Those of you who play can probably relate to this story. I just want you to know if you ever feel like you may have an addiction to Candy Crush–you are not alone!