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One Love


This may be the shortest blog I ever post but that’s ok. I need to get straight to the point right now.


The world we live in is ridiculous. I seriously wish I grew up and lived in an age where people loved more and hated less. The crime, the hate, the madness, the destruction— all of it is crazy to me.

I don’t understand why people are still basing whether they will interact with a person because of their religious beliefs, color of their skin, sexual orientation, political beliefs, and other personal choices. STOP DOING THIS! It is ignorant. Get to know people and learn to love them for who they are as a person.

Why are police killing innocent people?  STOP DOING THIS! This is not the reason for the judicial system. We turn to law enforcement to feel safe, but who can you trust when you can’t trust the people in uniform who are suppose to make you feel safe?

Why are teenagers selling drugs and walking around with guns on their hips? Teach your children to STOP DOING THIS! Educate them on the importance of not engaging in the “street” life. Teach them appreciate things and the value of a legitimate lifestyle.

We have to come together as a nation to stop the madness. Life is hard, yes of course, but we need people to start loving each other and understanding the importance of life and love. The world is becoming ridiculous but if we all come together we can make a change.


Just a little insight from the things I’ve been thinking about lately. One love to all….spread love, kill hate!

Click this awesome youtube video below. It is amazing.

We’re All the Same Color When You Turn Off the Lights


“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” Martin Luther King Jr. Today is MLK day. He was a true leader and inspiration in ending racism.

I have never  thought about not talking to someone because of the way they look. I don’t understand how some people are so quick to judge others by the color of their skin.  I  grew up in a semi small town in South Carolina called Rock Hill. I graduated  high school in 2003. I remember catching hell from African American women because some of my friends were African American men. Never once met me, simply didn’t like the fact that I was friends with these guys.

I look back and laugh. If you are that insecure that you can not accept the fact that two people from different backgrounds are friends, it’s not worth me entertaining. I have always hung out with people from different backgrounds. I have friends who are white, black, Puerto Rican, mixed races, Dutch, Vietnamese, Korean, gay, lesbian, straight, parents, goody toe shoes, thugs,  college kids, and the list could go on and on. My point is don’t get too consumed in how different a person may be than you. Take a second to seriously get to know someone first. Use your own judgement to decide if an individual is worthy of your friendship.

Fast Forward to 2014. I moved to Charlotte NC about 4 years ago. It’s only 20 miles north of Rock Hill but I absolutely love it here. I can jump on the highway to visit friends and family yet I’m far enough away to run into a familiar face every time I go to the grocery store. You can go out and watch a game or grab a bite to eat and see friends in groups of all several races together. You see interracial couples having a drink at the bar. You see employees of all different skin tones smiling and laughing together.

Although I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a bigger city or if racism is slowly fading, it warms my heart to see that people are branching out and getting know each other. I think it is important for parents to also guide their children and help them understand it is ok to look different than your friends.