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How’s that for Service?


American society has molded individuals to believe having a certain job title or holding a certain position within a company determines a person’s educational or personal value. I’m 28 years old and I’ve had many different positions in many different industries. I’ve worked in a crucial position within a local pharmaceutical distribution, an advertising agency, and other jobs post college that have taught me an incredible amount of things but why? Yes, money is the answer, but not anymore. I’m going to continue to work at my dreams of  becoming a writer while I work as a waitress. Yes, a waitress. I’m sorry if that may not be what American culture adopts as a “good” job, but it’s what I do. I work as a waitress and occasional hostess at a local sushi bar in a cute area of Fort Mill, SC called Akahana Asia Bistro.  I love it. The food is amazing, my coworkers and managers are awesome to work with, and it’s cash in hand daily. I may not punch a time clock from 9-5 every day but I work, and I enjoy what I do.

I’ve heard people say that servers are uneducated. That is far from accurate. I have a college degree from a 4 year university. I choose to work as a waitress while I work on my dream of  becoming a self-made freelance writer. Many of my coworkers are working now towards their education. Others are working towards personal goals similar to myself in writing  whether it be music, painting, or management within the restaurant.  It’s not “uneducated” or “stupid” to work hard for something that you truely enjoy doing and you are good at. Too many people in America are working their asses off in “corporate” America just for the simple fact that that’s what society has brainwashed them into thinking that’s what they are suppose to be doing.

The point in this blog is to open your minds up to what you are capable of doing. Don’t conform to society do what you want and love doing in order to get to your dreams.

A Blessing In Disguise


Well guys, since the last time I have really been active in my blog, I have been faced with some disappointing, yet exciting life changing news. I was laid off in mid June from my position at the Advertising Agency. I was faced with a situation that turned my whole world upside down. I was let go, left with many unanswered questions and a stress I was not yet  ready to be faced with regarding my financial obligations that come along with being a single woman living alone. Every day for the past month I have searched almost every career site online, networked with all possible people who could aid in full-time positions, and was even  faced with attempting to do something I never in my life thought I’d do– file for unemployment. I knew the economy was bad but didn’t think I would ever be affected by it. I mean, I have been working since I was 15 years old, and who wouldn’t want a motivated woman with a Bachelor’s Degree wanting nothing more than to work. I was depressed, stressed, and in a bind I couldn’t see past. Well, I finally had my appointment to get my unemployment filed and the lady speaking with me advised to wait another week to make a  higher income due to the new quarter. Patience is something I struggle with, however, I took her advice. I impatiently waited for the date to arrive in which I could jump on this chance to continue to have a small sum of money coming in until I could get back on track with a real job. Well, 2 days before taking that embarrassing, yet necessary drive to the unemployment office, I got a phone call that changed my life. “Can you meet with me today at 2,?” the lady on the other end of the phone said. Needless to say 2 interviews, a background check, and a phone call later I was offered a position in the Animal Health industry!  Although this is somethingI never imagined doing, I started my job on July 9th  and couldn’t be happier! The challenge, the opportunity as well as the job stability is something in my career I have never been able to say I had. I went from making a lousy hourly salary to making a decent salaried pay check. I will be getting a raise next month and I am constantly being praised for my hard work, my ability to work well with others, and promises of growing into a management, higher paying position. This is a job that I truly feel is my career. No more jobs to pay bills or something to get by temporarily. This is my new life, this is my new world, and this is something I am proud to say I am a part of. So to those of you who are having a hard time in this economic crisis I say this–do not underestimate your talents and skills due to the fact one person turns their cheek on you. There are plenty of opportunities to work, you just have to be willing to learn and adjust to things you may not be used to. Stay focus, and always remember somethings turn out to be blessings in disguise.

Work Hard, Live Easier


So my life has changed dramatically since my last blog entry. By changing dramatically I mean I GOT LAID OFF 😦 Everyone says to me, “it’s the economy” or “many companies are cutting back.” That’s all fine but at the end of the day, it doesn’t pay my bills. I live alone which means I am responsible for EVERYTHING financially in my life.  I could sit here and complain about how stressed out I am but the truth is at the end of the day,  there is no point. I look at this as a new chapter of my life and a chance to utiize the skills I’ve acquired in a new career. There is a saying “all good things come to those who wait.” Well guess what? I’m waiting patiently. So to those who have been affected negatively by the economy I want you to keep in mind, sitting on your behind will not help you succeed. Get active, knock on doors, network, and most importantly, keep a positive attitude because you WILL find something!


1. Always keep your resume updated and error free. Your resume is how an employer gets to know you before actually meeting you.

2. Have a cover letter. Sending a cover letter can set you aside from other candidates. It shows that you took the extra step and are serious about wanting to work.

3. Dress to impress. Once you have been given the opportunity to meet with management, don’t blow it by looking like a slob. Always dress business professional.

4. Be yourself. Sometimes meeting potential employers can be intimitdaing. Employers know you know are nervous, no need to tell them. Be confident and show a little of your personalty. Don’t be scared to ask any questions. And don’t forget to bring your portfolio to showcase your work.

5. Mind your manners. Be sure to not only thank the people who interview you in person but also follow up with a thank you letter or email. This ensures that they don’t forget about you and know you mean business.


Want to make a good first impression? Below are some ideas for men and women on what is appropriate for interviews!