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Me vs. Mega Millions


The jackpot of the Mega Millions lottery was higher last Friday than it ever has been. $640 million could help a lot of people in today’s economy.  I think they made a mistake and I am the actually the winner…oh wait I didn’t buy a ticket nor am I in Maryland, Kansas or Ohio.  I guess that makes me an addition to all the losers/ Although I was not one of the 3 winners I thought it would be fun to dream. Here are 3  things I would do if I were to win…

1. Travel: I have always had a dream to travel the world. I’ve been to Canada and Mexico but if I had the money I would go far! I have always wanted to travel to the Greek Isles. The beautiful beaches and monuments have always sparked an interest to me. I love the Mediterranean cuisine. If only I had been one of the 3 winners, I could be sitting on a  gorgeous Greek structure eating souvlaki’s and staring at the scenery.

2. Shop: As soon as I got my winnings I would hop my happy butt on a plane to NY City and live it up! I would be like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City minus being left at the alter.  I would have so many new purses it would be insane. Along with all of my new fashion splurges, I’d of course have to get a new car, boat, and home. If you are going to win big; shop big. I can’t see myself carrying designer handbags and still drive a Honda, so yeah I think I’d have no choice but to settle for the Mercedes G-Wagon.

9' 2 x 9' 0 Ivory Qom Area Rug

3. Decorate: What’s the point in buying a new home if  you don’t decorate it. I would put gorgeous art work in and silk  rugs from eSalerugs.com in every room. I would have a beautiful back porch with an inviting swing to lay on every day, since of course I wouldn’t be working. I would have my infinity pool over looking the beautiful beaches of Kauai, Hawaii.

Well I guess it’s back to reality huh?! Unfortunately I will not be living the luxurious life today, but if I work hard one day I can possibly enjoy that kind of life. Better yet, I think I’ll just buy some lottery tickets.