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Bachelorette Bonanza!


Being a social butterfly, it is probably not shocking that I absolutely LOVE bachelorette parties!  It is one of the last times you get to go all out before the bride says “I do”. I recently went on a trip to Atlanta (awesome city by the way) for my lifetime friend Casey’s bachelorette party.  We had a ball.

Below are some fun ideas for planning bachelorette festivities.

Spoil the bride.


No matter what, it is essential to make sure the bride to be feels special. This is all about her so make it a pleasantly wonderful memory for her. Whether it be a relaxing spa day or a night out on the town, make sure to keep her feeling fabulous. One thing I thought was adorable was having Casey’s fiancé write her little notes (some were funny some were sweet) and we would give them to her randomly on our trip.  Here is a cute picture of her reading one before we hit the road.


Designate a dress code.

One way to make bachelorette parties fun are by coming up with a dress code. When my friend Blair got married we all wore black and had fun glasses and she wore the outfit of her choice. with a cute veil and sash.


Another adorable idea my friend Jennifer had was making each person who came to her uptown Charlotte festivity wear a tutu. In my opinion,  it was super precious and unique.


I’ve also seen people get t-shirts made, all wear pink, and other similar things, but you can easily custom the dress code to type of person the party is for.


Play games. 

I have played some funny games at bachelorette parties. One of my favorites is  the balloon game.



  • Write down different things the bride to be is required to do before the night ends. (For example, get a stranger to take a shot with her, do a funny dance, get a kiss on the cheek, and other silly things)
  • Insert the instructions in to a balloon.
  • Blow up the balloons and place them on the outfit of the bride to be.
  • When you go out the bride must have all of the balloons popped and completed each task written down or else she has to take a shot.

Try new places.

When we went to Atlanta everything was new to us so we let the bride to be pick a few spots we stumbled upon or we have heard about from friends and checked them out. If you are ever in the Midtown area of Atlanta,  I would definitely recommend the Steamhouse Lounge (amazing seafood) and Publik Draft House (extensive cocktail menu).




Be smart and safe.

If heavily drinking will be involved always remember your body needs food and water. Do not over do it. You don’t want to end up with your face in the toilet all night or passed out before sunset. Also DO NOT drink and drive. Take cabs, plan a stay in slumber party, or go to places in walking distance of you.


Most importantly HAVE FUN!

The Simple Life


First of all, I want to apologize for disappearing for so long. The past year of my life has undoubtedly been the year of change for me,and quite frankly blogging was the last thing on my mind. A good friend of mine whom I’ve recently reconnected with reminded me of how much I enjoyed writing and gave be the kick in the ass I needed to get back into it. So here I am and let me tell you it feels great to be back at it.

So today I was driving down the road. The windows were down, and my music was blasting. It was an absolutely beautiful Carolina day when I passed by my childhood neighborhood. I wanted to ride by the house I grew up in but of course, I was running late so that was a negative. As I passed the road that leads into the neighborhood, I started thinking about how different life is for kids now a days.

Children today really have no clue what they are missing. Technology has taken away from the fun stuff being a kid is all about. Don’t get me wrong, I think technology is helpful in certain situations, but it has taken away from the interaction and communication children need in life.

Think about it.childhood_memories_by_scribbles1337-d32sxqq

When I was a kid I used to LOVE being outside but these days, less children are outside playing. I don’t get it. I think kids these days don’t appreciate the simple things because they are too concerned about the newest app to download or game to get for their gaming system.

For me and my childhood friends walking around the neighborhood was the best thing in the world. I look back and so many memories were made by simply knocking from door to door to gather our group of friends and being gone until dark.

Riding our bikes, climbing trees, talking about boys, playing basketball, picking honeysuckles, jumping on trampolines, making pit stops along the way at the best houses for snacks and heading right back out side to continue planning sleep overs, kicking soccer balls, talking about skate night, catching lightening bugs, getting lost in the woods we weren’t suppose to be in until we heard our mothers scream our names from a few streets over wrapping up our time together outside for the day—those were the days.

We didn’t ask for much just each other’s company and a later curfew. That’s when life was so simple.


I dont wanna grow up