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Beautiful Bride


I absolutely love weddings! I love going to them, watching them on movies, and hope one day to plan a wedding of my own. I hope to one day officially become a wife in front of the people who are most important to me–my friends and family.


I am in my late 20s and have been to/in a good number of weddings.  When I think wedding I think beauty. I love how everyone has there own vision of what a beautiful wedding is but how different yet amazing each wedding  is. There is never one wedding that is the exact same yet the love of the room remains constant. From the diamond, to the decor, to the flowers, and most importantly the bride. I’m a sucker for love and cry at every single wedding I go to.

There is so much to consider when becoming a bride. Yes, there are the details of the wedding such as the bridal party, the location, the menu, etc, but there is also a lot that goes into making sure you look flawless on your wedding day.



Below are some helpful tips I found on when picking out the best dress for your shape.

The Mermaid  Wedding Dress – Suits hour glass and rectangle shapes

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

The Trumpet Wedding Dress – Suits hour glass and rectangle shapes

Trumpet Wedding Dresses

The A-Line  Wedding Dress – suits the Inverted Triangle, the Rectangle, the Pear and the Hour Glass

A-Line Wedding Dresses

The Princess Wedding Dress – suits all shapes

Princess Wedding Dresses

The Empire Wedding Dress – suits all shapes, height also an advantage

Empire Wedding Dresses

The Sheath / Column Dress – suits the Hour Glass but even better the Rectangle

Sheath/Column Wedding Dresses

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress – suits all shapes

Ballgown Wedding Dresses

The Tea Length Wedding Dress – suits all shapes, height an advantage

Tea Length Wedding Dresses

The Mini Wedding Dress – suits Rectangle and Hour Glass shapes, slim legs an advantage

Crazy Cousins


Today is National Cousin day. I’m not going to lie—this is news to me but I love my family so why not blog about it! Going to my grandmother’s house as a child I was always the baby girl (until my beautiful sister was born). My brother is 9 years older than me and all of my cousins are older than him. Unlike your typical 6 year old little girl in dresses, I was a tomboy (or a punching bag depending on the day). My uncle Ray (their dad) called me Charlie. I never quite understood it but maybe it was because I was like the son he never had—even though I’m a girl! We would go to my grandmother’s house and have the BEST fried chicken EVER! While she would cook we would socialize. Unlike my brother (who was annoyed with his tattle telling little sister) my cousins would actually play with me. They taught me almost everything there is to know about sports. Sometimes my boyfriend  looks at me in confusion by the fact that I still know the starting line up and stats of the 1995 Carolina Tarheels. (Duke fans–ugh) One of my favorite things was playing ball in my grandmother’s yard in the little peaceful lake town in North Carolina. We would play football in the yard and they used to kick my butt. Looking back I’m starting to think maybe they wanted me to play so they could actually win. HA. Now when we all get together they are all old (not really just I have to pick on them) have back, knee, and other types of excuses not to get beat up by their little lady cousin. It is crazy looking at now and then and how much things have changed. One thing that has not changed is how much fun we have together no matter what we are doing. They all have completely different personalities but no matter we always have an amazing time together. They are like my big brothers and I love them to death. I am forever grateful for their unconditional love. I LOVE YOU MIKE, JOHN, AND TONY!!!

A Beautiful Opportunity


About 3 months ago a very good friend of mine, Apple, had meet me at Starbucks with her and her Mary Kay director Crystal. I went in there thinking I would just listen and help get Apple some brownie points with the company. Well I did not only helped out Apple but I also–signed up to sell Mary Kay. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing but it sounded like an amazing opportunity. I never wore make up and to be brutally honest thought the whole idea of selling Mary Kay was a little cheesy. Well, let me be the one to testify, I LOVE SELLING MARY KAY COSMETICS! Both Apple and Crystal have been amazing mentors for me. They are extremely encouraging and supportive. I text them all the time randomly about goals I’ve reached and new customers I’ve met. They constantly praise my dedication and approach to the Mary Kay way. I am the type of person who deeply enjoys making  people feel pretty. I love empowering people who may need some encouragement or a boost of confidence.  I believe  my own person attributes and the Mary Kay structure–God first, Family second, Career third, has definitely helped me grow both spiritually and professionally. It is an amazing feeling to help educate people on the Mary Kay products while making them feel beautiful! If you or someone you know is in need of any Mary Kay products feel free to email me directly at I able to accept cash, check, or credit card and will ship products for FREE! For the most recent updates and specials, like my Facebook page: MaryKayWithA or read my blog! Thanks for all of the support!


Snip and Clip


Let’s face it guys– our economy is not at its best. Although the job rate is slowly back on the climb, employers are not able to offer the compensation they once were. It’s not that they necessarily don’t think candidates don’t deserve it, it’s that many internal costs of running a business has also increased. It is not easy to run a business especially with the issues our economy is facing.


Well this blog is not going to find you a job or give you the winning lottery numbers but, it should help you manage to save some money while shopping for your families essentials. We’ve all seen the shows and heard the stories of the people who spend close to nothing on a whole month’s worth of groceries. I was a bit hesitant about this whole couponing idea until I saw how easy it was to do.


I’m not going to sit here and say it is easy to because it does take work and patience (which I am working on). About a month ago I got a Sunday paper and collected the coupons, then continued just about each week following. All I did was check the sales papers for the  two local grocery stores and made lists of what was on sale and looked for a coupon. Everyone has their own system but that is mine. I ended up spending $50 on $120 worth of groceries at Harris Teeter. SCORE!!! I also look through to find good prices to local restaurants, stores, and entertainment on We got concert tickets for $22 a piece! Can’t beat that. It can be a little time consuming but trust me you and your bank account will definitely appreciate it. Happy Couponing!

All You Magazine has some great tips for people who are interested in couponing and need some ideas on where to start.

Perfectly Proportioned


Are you one of those people who watch the latest Netflix movie in envy of the chiseled tough guy or perfectly sized soccer mom? Do you still have the jeans you wore in college hoping one day the zipper will finally zip? Do you feel like if you could just lose a couple of pounds your life would be more enjoyable? Well, you are not alone.

Obesity has become a staggering epidemic in the United States. According to PBS 68.8% of the United States is either overweight or obese. It has become a contributing factor to death and even more specifically a contributor to the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease. And if you think that number is decreasing think again. The portion size of everyday fast food dining is consistently growing. To put things in perspective think of a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza. In the 1970s the average calorie count of two slices of pizza were around 500. Now there are on average 850 calories in 2 slices of pepperoni pizza. That 350 calorie difference could your entire breakfast the next day!

Do you think you would eat as much food you constantly had to get up to refill your plate? If the extra 200 calories of macaroni and cheese wasn’t on your Sunday dinner plate would you really miss it? Chances are probably not!

Thanks to a few doctors who were sick of seeing the population decrease yearly to obesity, you can slim down by simply reducing your portion sizes. This 4-step system is designed by a certified physician to help patients simply cut back on the foods they would normally eat.  The best part is there is no magic pill, trick, or food that may have negative side effects involved in this newly innovated system. Each set of plates is proportioned so you can still enjoy your favorite foods. Payment arrangements and a 30-day risk free trial guarantees customer satisfaction.

So whether you have a wedding in September or are sick of staring at that little that black dress in the back of your closet with dust on it, you are in luck! Visit to start slimming down today!


Braid it up



My hair is super curly and can be difficult to deal with. When summer comes around, my curly locks turn to goldilocks which I love. Because my hair is so thick and I am often found poolside, it’s just to hot and  want it our of my face. I wear it in a ponytail but I need something more fun. This brings me to the braid. Celebrities have made headlines with their amazing summer braids. They are coming more and more popular in hair and fashion magazines. I have started simple by opting for a cute low messy side braid or a half crown braid around my face. It works best for me but there are so many other styles out there that work for all hair types. Below is a tutorial provided by on how to create the increasingly popular fishtail braid. So whether you have a night out on the town or just having a bad hair day, this spunky look is guarantee to turn heads.


Sippin’ on a Slurpee


It’s a typical hot summer day here in the Carolinas. It’s humid and muggy and there is an afternoon storm headed our way. Ugh…I just want something cold and refreshing. Oh wait…today is July 11 aka 7/11 Day! The convenient store that started in 1927 in Dallas TX, has made their own customer appreciation day known as 7/11 Day! Serving 13 million Slurpees a month, the 7/11 franchise offers a FREE Slurpee each July 11!! What a perfect way to cool off in the summer. Thanks 7/11!