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Crushin’ Candy


OK guys, it’s time to make for me to come clean. My name is Avyn Rhodes, and I am addicted to the game Candy Crush.


It is time to let the world know I am hooked. Everyone I know was talking about this game. I used to laugh at some of my friends because they would literally, play the game under the table at dinner. It was ridiculous to me. Come on people it’s just a game, grow up.


I did enjoying playing Words With Friends from time to time before bed, but I would just play my turn with everyone then pass out. Well one day a few friends and I were in Charleston, and literally ALL of them were talking about the Candy Crush game.


Enough was enough. I was over hearing about this game. Then I did the unthinkable– I downloaded it.

Biggest mistake a person can make. Ha!

The game is freaking addicting.  The challenge was addicting. I was hooked. Yes, I beat level 30, then 90, and now I’m stuck.  Level 110 you are a BITCH. I  have been stuck on level 110 for literally, 3 weeks. I just want to beat it!


Those of you who play can probably relate to this story. I just want you to know if you ever feel like you may have an addiction to Candy Crush–you are not alone!

Soak Up Summer


Summer is coming to an end, which means the days are about to become shorter and the weather is going to force us to spend more time indoors. Enjoy the beautiful weather before it is too late.

Play at the Park: Check out some local parks and nature trails. Take your kids, dog, or just your iPod and enjoy the weather. Many parks have different routes available for walking and biking. Get some fresh air while getting a little exercise. Some parks even offer outdoor yoga classes.

Soak Up Some Sun:  Put on your favorite swim suit, grab a book, and head to the pool. It is important to protect your skin so don’t forget your sunscreen. Nothing cheers up a mood like a few hours in the sun. If you get bored jump in a swim some laps.

Host an End of Summer Cook-Out: Invite a few of your family, friends, and neighbors over for a barbeque. Make everyone bring their meat and beverage (if they choose to enjoy a cocktail) and then each person agree to make a side, salad, or dessert. Not only is this a great way to catch up with old friends, it doesn’t break your wallet if you choose to have everyone do their part.

In a few short months the weather is going to force us to sit next to our fireplaces in our warm cozy clothes, until then enjoy a little time outside.

To Buy or Not to Buy


Nothing beats a relaxing vacation to escape the everyday stresses life can cause. Some people enjoy a weekend get-away with family while others prefer a laid-back mountain retreat. A factor that comes into play when planning a vacation is where to stay.  One decision that many individuals struggle with is whether or not to invest in a vacation home.  Before making the choice to buy a second home, it is important to make sure it is worth the investment.

Most importantly to think about is your income.  Are you in a place in your life in which you are financially stable enough to afford the costs of buying an additional home? If you are still in the process of paying off your current home and loans related, it might not be the best time to invest in another home. Another purchase could create a pretty large amount of additional debt.

Consider your schedule. Are you a person who cannot step away from the office for 5 minutes without someone emailing or calling? If you are already trying to find an extra hour in your day to go to the gym, it may not be feasible to invest in a vacation home you would not be able to enjoy. If you are someone who can work from a laptop, it could become a nice break from your home office.

The last consideration to think about when making the decision to purchase an additional home is your vision. Do you want a nice family vacation spot? This could be an opportunity to invest in a home with some family members.  Do you want to buy an old fixer upper house, revamp it, and rent it out? Make sure by doing so you are not losing money and that you will have enough people stay in order not to take a loss.

Buying a vacation home is a big step. It is a decision that should be thought out completely before any action is taken.


Bronzed Beauty


It’s summer time and the sun is shining. Hair is getting lighter and skin is getting darker. Who doesn’t enjoy soaking up a little Vitamin D by the pool or planning a trip to Mexico? But let’s face it, many of us have many other obligations and can’t always sit outside and tan. That’s why many women tend to use bronzer. Bronzer is something that people need to remember–”a little goes a long way” We all have seen someone, whether it be the Jersey Shore

images-5cast or someone working at the local farmer’s market who seems as if they have gone a little overboard. Their neck is an olive skin tone and their face is the same shade as  nacho cheese Dorito. I am not one to judge, however I am more about bringing out your natural beauty with the assistance of Mary Kay products. Mary Kay offers a variety of products that offer a bronzing look. My personal favorite is the Mary Kay mineral bronzing powder. I have found that the mineral products are more of my personal favorite because I don’t like my face to feel too cakey. I use  small amount (remember less it more and you can always add a little more if needed) with my blush brush and the lightweight powder gives me and instant sun kissed tone without looking unrecognizable. To learn about the other bronzers available please visit my website: or email me directly at