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Get Fit While You Sit


I don’t know about  you but the majority of my day is spend sitting down. I sit  30 minutes in the car going to work. I sit from 9-6 at work. I sit 30 minutes on the way home from work. I work out and shower then it’s back to sitting before bed. Well I thought…this is probably why Americans are so obese. Then it hit me what if there was a way we could get fit while we sit? Well…WE CAN!!! It may not be as intense as boot camp class but it’s better than nothing.

Here are some fun exercises from wisebread.com you can practice even at work!

1. Calf Raises

These are perfect for when you’re waiting at the copier, printer, or microwave. While standing, simply lift your heels up off the ground, bring them down, and repeat. Sure, they’re noticeable, but the actually amount of movement is about on-par with fidgeting.

2. Walking

So many articles on exercising at work include walking for a good reason — it’s great for you, easy to do on your lunch break, and a totally normal activity. I won’t suggest that you trade eating mindfully for shoving your face full of food so you can get out and walk, but if you can split your lunch break between eating and walking, that’s a great compromise.

3. Kegels

Ladies, we’ve all been told that we should do our Kegels. And fellas, strengthening the pelvic floor can be helpful for you as well (check out this male Kegel explanation from AskMen, but be forewarned that it includes some graphic sex talk). Since you’re just clenching and unclenching the pelvic floor, nobody will know you’re doing these (unless you find a way to be super awkward about it).

4. Chair Dips

This probably has the highest silly factor out of all the exercises I’m recommending. You can’t do these without bobbing up and down a little bit, and depending on the height of your cubicle walls, your up-and-down motion could make you look like you’re on a boat at sea. Check out instructions for chair dips from About.com, or if you want to stay seated in your chair, you can also try putting your hands on the arms of your chair and lifting yourself up and down.

5. Taking the Stairs

Yes, this is another old classic. You should take the stairs instead of the elevator, but also take the stairs, up, down, and up again a few times if you can. This can be especially fun if you work in a big corporate complex. Carry a folder to make it look like you’re delivering something.

6. Leg Lifts

Lift one leg until it’s straight and parallel to the ground. Hold for a few seconds, then lower. Repeat 10-15 times, and switch to the other leg.

7. Stretching

Ah, yes, stretching — or, as I like to think of it, “the only exercise you can do a lot of at work and get away with it.” Where most cardio or strength-training efforts might seem out of place in your business-casual environment, pretty much everyone recognizes that sitting all day can make you rather sore. So stand up and stretch your arms, legs, torso — whatever. You might just want to avoid doing a downward-facing dog.

8. Sitting on an Exercise Ball

Times change. It’s now acceptable to write “email” instead of “e-mail,” and similarly, I think the exercise-ball-as-chair has finally gained enough acceptance that you can bring one into your office and not worry about it being strange. Sitting on an exercise ball helps strengthen your core and keep your posture straight. It’s also fun. In fact, I am writing this while sitting on an exercise ball.

9. Muscle Clenches

Your abs and butt are prime candidates for this. Clench the muscles for a period of several seconds, then release. Repeat again in sets of 10-15.

10. Maintaining Good Posture

I know — what kind of hacky suggestion is this? Posture isn’t an exercise! But if you normally have poor posture, actively maintaining a straight back will give your back muscles a serious workout.

                                 Stretching will help eliminate stiffness causes by long days of sitting

A Walk (or Run) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


One thing I have started doing is taking daily walks. I prefer to go in the morning because it is a great way to jump start my day however,  when I have trouble getting out of bed I go after work. The time of day is totally up to you, just make sure you do it! Studies have proven that simply walking (or jogging)  just 15-30 minutes a day can have substantial health benefits. Whether you find a walking buddy or jam out to your iPod put a little pep in your step!

Working Woman Workout


So I’m not even going to lie…some days are definitely better than others. Today I am having one of those “I can’t win” Wednesdays. I woke up and my dog was not listening at all, I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses,  I got to work and had to redo some articles that I worked very hard on , and on top of all of that…I have been feeling a little queasy all day. Needless to say, today I am just not really feeling it. I want to go back to bed and try over.

For days like today I am excited my coworker introduced me to a boot camp class right up the street. I know what you are thinking…’what would this girl wanna go take a boot camp class if she’s having “one of those days” ‘? Well to be honest it helps me relieve stress. I’m already trying to shape up so why not try something like this? When I did my internship at a gym I loved boot camp but I was usually working when they offered it. Now I am able to go  Monday and Wednesday after work and on Saturday morning. It is an awesome way to switch up my normal  daily jogs with my puppy. Boot camp is the perfect class for someone who needs a little extra motivation.  At first it is certainly a challenge but once you go a few times you not only feel better but you can also see how much more in shape you have gotten. If you are going to try a fitness class, it is crucial to remember that you HAVE to go every day it is offered to get maximum results.Fitness is something people are lacking in their daily lives. I know we can all have hectic schedules but I’m pretty sure you have an extra 30 mins-an hour to spare to improve your health.

These 4 things I have found are VERY important when working out:
1.  Drink Water- Even if you aren’t thristy make sure you are constantly keeping yourself hydrated.

2. Don’t Over Do It- Push yourself but do not do more than your body is capable of.

3. Keep Breathing- Some people forget to breathe when working out, this can raise your blood pressure severely. Ideally- breath in your nose and out of your mouth.

4. Stretch-  Stretching helps reduce soreness especially when you are starting something new.

Can’t make it to the gym? Try this routine for beginners I found from http://evilcyber.com in your own home:

Body Part Exercise Comment
Chest / Triceps 3 sets of push-ups, as many as you can do, with 60 seconds rest between sets The exercise is explained in this video, which also contains pointers on what to do when you can’t do a full push-up yet.
Back / Biceps 3 sets of pull-ups, as many as you can do, with 60 seconds rest between sets If you don’t have a pull-up bar, this article has very many suggestions for possible substitutes.
If you can’t do a full pull-up yet, this video will guide you from negative chin-ups to your first full pull-up and beyond.
Legs Three sets of lunges, as many as you can do, with 60 seconds rest between sets. ExRx has a good explanation of the exercise right here. Start with no weight to learn the movement and then gradually add resistance, while making sure you keep good form.
When you need additional resistance, you can use dumbbells or, if you don’t have any, milk gallons filled with water.
Legs (optional) Three sets of hamstring curls, 6 – 12 repetitions, with 60 seconds rest between sets If you feel your hamstrings don’t get enough work from doing lunges, you may add hamstring curls.They are explained in this video.
Abs Three sets of crunches, 6-12 repetitions, with 60 seconds rest between sets The exercise is explained right here. Note that the hands do not pull on the head; fixate a spot right above you when you do the movement.