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Hip Hop Soldier


Music is one of those things that can change us. When we are sad it can lift us up, when we are happy it can literally move us. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy music. There is a genre for just about everyone. My music taste is pretty unlimited. From country to hip hop from reggae to pop, I can sing along to just about anything.


Today I want to take a deeper look into the world of hip-hop. Some people listen to hip-hop for the beat others for the lyrics. When speaking of hip-hop on a lyrical side of things one specific artist comes to mind, Rasheed Iman.

I met the Carolina native several years ago and instantly new something was different about him. Unlike some mainstream artists, Rasheed Iman is that he isn’t trying to put on a “show” by conforming to the sounds and stories that may conform to what is popular. When I sat down and spoke to the army soldier I asked him what his purpose was and his answer was simple, “I want to tell my story in hopes that it impacts others the way artists such as Nas, J. Cole, and others have impacted me.”



His album T.R.U.T.H—The Real Understand The Hustle focuses on his transformation from guy off the streets to becoming not only a man but also a father. The hip-hop artist prides himself on his song Straight Up because it addresses the responsibility he feels he has a man.  “I could’ve easily focused on the negative parts of my life for entertainment purposes but instead when I do touch on it, it’s with the hope that whom ever is going or gone threw the same doesn’t feel alone,” he explained.


Constantly writing and collaborating with other local talent, Rasheed released his mix tape  April 6th, which is his daughter’s birthday because he says she is his purpose and the reason he does what he does.  Each song he writes is a personal truth and digs into the everyday struggles that come along with relationships, being a man, and family.

You can download his songs completely free on iTunes, Rasheediman.com, as well as

http://www.reverbnation.com/rasheediman and I would do it sooner than later because he is a very talented guy.