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Work Hard, Live Easier


So my life has changed dramatically since my last blog entry. By changing dramatically I mean I GOT LAID OFF 😦 Everyone says to me, “it’s the economy” or “many companies are cutting back.” That’s all fine but at the end of the day, it doesn’t pay my bills. I live alone which means I am responsible for EVERYTHING financially in my life.  I could sit here and complain about how stressed out I am but the truth is at the end of the day,  there is no point. I look at this as a new chapter of my life and a chance to utiize the skills I’ve acquired in a new career. There is a saying “all good things come to those who wait.” Well guess what? I’m waiting patiently. So to those who have been affected negatively by the economy I want you to keep in mind, sitting on your behind will not help you succeed. Get active, knock on doors, network, and most importantly, keep a positive attitude because you WILL find something!


1. Always keep your resume updated and error free. Your resume is how an employer gets to know you before actually meeting you.

2. Have a cover letter. Sending a cover letter can set you aside from other candidates. It shows that you took the extra step and are serious about wanting to work.

3. Dress to impress. Once you have been given the opportunity to meet with management, don’t blow it by looking like a slob. Always dress business professional.

4. Be yourself. Sometimes meeting potential employers can be intimitdaing. Employers know you know are nervous, no need to tell them. Be confident and show a little of your personalty. Don’t be scared to ask any questions. And don’t forget to bring your portfolio to showcase your work.

5. Mind your manners. Be sure to not only thank the people who interview you in person but also follow up with a thank you letter or email. This ensures that they don’t forget about you and know you mean business.


Want to make a good first impression? Below are some ideas for men and women on what is appropriate for interviews!