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Fiesta Fiesta


Cinco De Mayo is a day honoring the Mexican defeat over the French during the American Civil War’s Battle of Puebla in 1862 in Puebla . Many people are mistake this day with Mexican Independence day, which is actually celebrates in September. Cinco De Mayo, is mainly celebrated in the region of Puebla and the US. Typical celebrations include Mexican cuisine, music, and beverages. Whether you go to a Mexican resturant with friends or host a fiesta at home, have fun and enjoy! Salud!!



  • 1 (6 ounce) can frozen limeade concentrate
  • 6 fluid ounces tequila
  • 2 fluid ounces triple sec


  1. Fill blender with crushed ice. Pour in limeade concentrate, tequila and triple sec. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve.