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Gas on the Rise


There is no doubt about it, gas prices are on the rise.  The national average gas price has increased $0.12 in the past 2 weeks and it is not going down anytime soon. We can point fingers and blame whomever we choose but the fact of the matter is the price of gas isn’t going to decrease anytime  soon.  Although not everyone has the ability to drive, the high cost of gas is still effecting them.  Bus and cab fares must continue to increase in order to keep business.   As much as I wish I could help with this crisis, I can’t, but I am able to provide some easy ways to help reduce spending on fuel in this year.

  • CARPOOL- Don’t have 2-4 different drivers all going to the same place.  If going out to dinner with a group of friends meet at a central location, throw in for gas, designate a driver, and all ride in one vehicle. Another suggestion is a friend at work who lives in your area and take turns driving to work.
  • WALK- Don’t rely on your car because you are lazy. If you need  just a couple of items, and the grocery store is within a mile from your house, walk. Not only is it saving money on gas, but also allowing you to get a little exercise while running your normal errands.
  • SHOP-  Groceries stores such as BiLo and Lowes Food reward their customers for shopping at their stores.  The money spent at these grocery stores contribute to the amount taken off per gallon at the gas station. The rules and regulations vary depending on the store, but this is a great way to save at the pump.
  • RESEARCH- Don’t just go to the first gas station you see.  Search websites such as for the cheapest rates in your area.

Spring Break


One thing students look for each year is Spring Break! A full week of no classes is a great way for students to regroup, get out of town, and spend some extra time with friends and family. It is a reminder of how close to the finish line is in their academic carrer. Many of my own spring break vacations included me, friends, the beach, and a small amount of cash I earned from my part-time job. My parents always worried when we piled up and headed to the coast.  Luckily we were a smart group of kids who always came home safely with nothing but a ton of pictures and great memories. Spring Break isn’t about spending more money on the vacation than your college tuition, it’s about having fun and having a week away from the books. Keep in mind to be responsible, have fun, and relax.

Here are some ways to have save a little cash while enjoying your week off of school….

Go somewhere close

Instead of flying or driving somewhere far, decide on somewhere close. If you  live near a big city, there are plenty of tourist attractions you have probably  never seen. Spend your week as a tourist in your own town. If you are having  trouble finding things to do, ask your city’s visitor bureau for a list of  attractions. Try hitting all of the bars in one day, it’s much harder than you’d  think.

Find student discounts

Student discounts are abundant during spring break, especially in locations  that get a heavy influx of college students. When deciding on a place, call  around and ask what kind of discounts they offer.

Get the best price

Groupon and Living Social have been featuring a high number of vacation  getaway packages for 50-75% off. If you missed a great deal, you can always  check Lifesta for daily deals that have already passed. Also compare travel  sites if you need a flight, hotel and/or rental car.

Alternative sleeping arrangements

Housing costs are usually the highest expense when planning a vacation. Even  low-rated motels can charge over $100 per night in popular spring break locales  so find a cheaper alternative. If you’re going to the beach, you can usually  camp in a tent or you car for a small fee or even free. State parks also offer  cheap or free camping, whether it’s in a tent, your car or a big RV. Speaking of  RV, ask your grandparents if you can borrow theirs – maybe they’ll trust you  enough to let you take it.

Load up on restaurant coupons

Scour the web for coupons and gift certificates. offers great  promotions all the time to get a $25 gift certificate for $2 instead of the  normal $10. Stock up on these and you can still eat out and drink for cheap.