Adoption is an Option


Yesterday I was reading an online article about adoption in my local hometown paper. I was truly touched  when I read 18 children and 1 adult were in the final stages of the adoption process and would soon to be in the lives of 14 local families. All I could imagine was the feeling of being complete as both a parent and child connecting as a unit.

As an infant I was adopted by my family in Wilmington, NC. I don’t have a sad story of how awful my childhood was. I wasn’t in a foster home or abused.  My birth parents for whatever reason it may be knew that they were not meant to parent me and instead of taking on a challenge they were not prepared for, gave the opportunity to a family who could. I do not know my birth parents, nor do I have any desire to because I know the family I am a part of is exactly the family I deserved and needed growing up.  I can not imagine my life with different parents and siblings. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

There are many people who have strong beliefs of why they do not necessarily support adoption and although I may not quite understand their hesitations, I respect their opinion and insight. I do however feel as if innocent children who have no voice yet, deserve to be taken care of as best as possible.

Each adoption story is different but I feel as if awareness of adoption needs to be spread and more people need to inform themselves on how adoption can benefit so many people.

Here is a link for more information on adoption awareness in the US : 

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