FISH AND BEEF: It’s what’s for dinner!


I recently began working with an amazing woman, Gwen Poth. She owns her own PR here in Charlotte.

I was just  talking with a friend the other day about how much fun we had at The Cowfish for my friend Piper’s birthday.

ImageWell, it turns out, The Cowfish, is one of Gwen’s clients! This place is such a unique dining experience. Some refer to it as a burgushi restaurant because they are well known for both their sushi and burgers. As you may know, I am somewhat weak for being in the know about celebrities. The other day I was working on a project for Gwen, and learned some pretty high profile people are also fans of The Cowfish. Michael Phelps is just one example.

They say opposites attract and if this is true,  this is a true foodies’ dream come true. If you ever have a chance to drop by – DO IT. It’s a unique restaurant inside and out and the food is to die for.


About avynkaren

Hello world! Welcome to my blog! My name is Avyn and I have created this blog to inspire others. Writing is therapeutic and I am using this blog as my therapy. I yearn to be a famous writer one day, not necessarily a reporter or an author, just simply be known as a writer. I enjoy life and everyone in it. Some call me crazy but hey, you have one life to live have fun! Enjoy my blog!!

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