Crushin’ Candy


OK guys, it’s time to make for me to come clean. My name is Avyn Rhodes, and I am addicted to the game Candy Crush.


It is time to let the world know I am hooked. Everyone I know was talking about this game. I used to laugh at some of my friends because they would literally, play the game under the table at dinner. It was ridiculous to me. Come on people it’s just a game, grow up.


I did enjoying playing Words With Friends from time to time before bed, but I would just play my turn with everyone then pass out. Well one day a few friends and I were in Charleston, and literally ALL of them were talking about the Candy Crush game.


Enough was enough. I was over hearing about this game. Then I did the unthinkable– I downloaded it.

Biggest mistake a person can make. Ha!

The game is freaking addicting.  The challenge was addicting. I was hooked. Yes, I beat level 30, then 90, and now I’m stuck.  Level 110 you are a BITCH. I  have been stuck on level 110 for literally, 3 weeks. I just want to beat it!


Those of you who play can probably relate to this story. I just want you to know if you ever feel like you may have an addiction to Candy Crush–you are not alone!


About avynkaren

Hello world! Welcome to my blog! My name is Avyn and I have created this blog to inspire others. Writing is therapeutic and I am using this blog as my therapy. I yearn to be a famous writer one day, not necessarily a reporter or an author, just simply be known as a writer. I enjoy life and everyone in it. Some call me crazy but hey, you have one life to live have fun! Enjoy my blog!!

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