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Let’s face it guys– our economy is not at its best. Although the job rate is slowly back on the climb, employers are not able to offer the compensation they once were. It’s not that they necessarily don’t think candidates don’t deserve it, it’s that many internal costs of running a business has also increased. It is not easy to run a business especially with the issues our economy is facing.


Well this blog is not going to find you a job or give you the winning lottery numbers but, it should help you manage to save some money while shopping for your families essentials. We’ve all seen the shows and heard the stories of the people who spend close to nothing on a whole month’s worth of groceries. I was a bit hesitant about this whole couponing idea until I saw how easy it was to do.


I’m not going to sit here and say it is easy to because it does take work and patience (which I am working on). About a month ago I got a Sunday paper and collected the coupons, then continued just about each week following. All I did was check the sales papers for the  two local grocery stores and made lists of what was on sale and looked for a coupon. Everyone has their own system but that is mine. I ended up spending $50 on $120 worth of groceries at Harris Teeter. SCORE!!! I also look through to find good prices to local restaurants, stores, and entertainment on We got concert tickets for $22 a piece! Can’t beat that. It can be a little time consuming but trust me you and your bank account will definitely appreciate it. Happy Couponing!

All You Magazine has some great tips for people who are interested in couponing and need some ideas on where to start.

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  1. Hello, I couldn’t find an email address for you, so I’m just leaving a comment, I hope you don’t mind. I’d like to share your couponing story on my website. I’d love to know how you got started, and any tips and tricks you could share. Basically whatever you’d like the world to know, as long or short as you’d like it to be!
    You can learn more, here:


    PS – I love that braid in your previous post!

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