Perfectly Proportioned


Are you one of those people who watch the latest Netflix movie in envy of the chiseled tough guy or perfectly sized soccer mom? Do you still have the jeans you wore in college hoping one day the zipper will finally zip? Do you feel like if you could just lose a couple of pounds your life would be more enjoyable? Well, you are not alone.

Obesity has become a staggering epidemic in the United States. According to PBS 68.8% of the United States is either overweight or obese. It has become a contributing factor to death and even more specifically a contributor to the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease. And if you think that number is decreasing think again. The portion size of everyday fast food dining is consistently growing. To put things in perspective think of a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza. In the 1970s the average calorie count of two slices of pizza were around 500. Now there are on average 850 calories in 2 slices of pepperoni pizza. That 350 calorie difference could your entire breakfast the next day!

Do you think you would eat as much food you constantly had to get up to refill your plate? If the extra 200 calories of macaroni and cheese wasn’t on your Sunday dinner plate would you really miss it? Chances are probably not!

Thanks to a few doctors who were sick of seeing the population decrease yearly to obesity, you can slim down by simply reducing your portion sizes. This 4-step system is designed by a certified physician to help patients simply cut back on the foods they would normally eat.  The best part is there is no magic pill, trick, or food that may have negative side effects involved in this newly innovated system. Each set of plates is proportioned so you can still enjoy your favorite foods. Payment arrangements and a 30-day risk free trial guarantees customer satisfaction.

So whether you have a wedding in September or are sick of staring at that little that black dress in the back of your closet with dust on it, you are in luck! Visit to start slimming down today!



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