Sweet Siblings


Sometimes we love them, sometimes we hate them but no matter what we will never be able to get away from them. I am one of 3 children. Although I do not see my brother or sister often, they mean the world to me. Today is National Sibling Day and I am very fortunate to have a brother and sister. We fight, we cry, we laugh, we smile, but at the end of the day we share a bond that will never be taken away. I’m adopted  and my mom and brother have always  joke that my brother picked me out.  Whether that is true or not is still up in the air, but I am so glad to be his little sister and have another little sister to call my siblings. A sibling isn’t classified as  looking  alike or sharing the same blood. It is about about the connection you share with one another and knowing they will always love and be there for you. Make it a point this year to communicate with your siblings. Agree on a routine visit or dinner date. If they do not live close by make it a point to call or visit more.  This all sounds petty but I can guarantee it will mean the world to them as well as build a stronger relationship with your family.

This is a photo of me and my siblings in Colorado


About avynkaren

Hello world! Welcome to my blog! My name is Avyn and I have created this blog to inspire others. Writing is therapeutic and I am using this blog as my therapy. I yearn to be a famous writer one day, not necessarily a reporter or an author, just simply be known as a writer. I enjoy life and everyone in it. Some call me crazy but hey, you have one life to live have fun! Enjoy my blog!!

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