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Well the warm weather is back in the Carolinas and the humidity is climbing. I love living in the South because of the fact it rarely gets cold but one thing I can’t stand is the effect the humidity has on my naturally curly hair. As if having curly hair isn’t enough, mother nature loves to add an extra layer of frizz when it gets hot outside. Straightening makes it look visually more appealing but that can be even more damaging than the sun. I pretty much live at the pool in the summer as many people in my area do so I have had to find alternate solutions when it comes to protecting my hair.

1. Smart Shampooing- It is not necessary to wash your hair every day. Many stylist have suggested that washing your hair daily can actually dry out your locks.  If you are the type of person who can’t stand going a day with out washing your hair, only shampoo your scalp. Just shampooing your scalp will reduce the look “greasy” look but also not dry out your hair.

2. Block Sun- Throw on a hat! This is one of the easiest solutions to protecting your hair in the summer time. A cute fedora is a great accessory as well as a great way to avoid getting too much sun directly on your head. Also put sunscreen  on your scalp as an additional way to protect your hair.

3. Condition- A great way to moisturize your hair which isn’t too time consuming is a deep conditioning treatment weekly. Every Friday I use Redken’s Extreme Strength Builder Plus to keep my hair manageable and tame. My hair stylist suggested this specific product to me but there are thousands other solutions depending on your specific hair type.

4. Don’t Over-Dye- Yes many people, especially women, love to get highlights in the summertime. I am guilty of adding a little golden glow to my hair when beach season approaches. Bleach and other chemicals can be very damaging to your hair. An easy way to add little lighter streaks is by using lemon juice.  Here is quick solution found on to get a natural glow

Lemon Juice Recipe

  1. Mix 1 cup of lemon juice (about 4 lemons) with a 1/4 cup of warm water
  2. Put it in a spray bottle (I got my cute blue one at Vitamin Cottage for $2)
  3. Spray the mixture in your hair until damp
  4. Expose your hair to sunshine for 30-60 minutes
  5. Take a shower and use a generous amount of conditioner (my favorite is Organic Excellence Wild Mint Conditioner…so good)

Why? The reason this whole process works is because lemon juice is very acidic which lightens the pigments in your hair and then the sunshine just magnifies the affects. But, because the lemon juice is acidic, it dries your hair out so the conditioner replenishes your mane. Okay, before you all run to the nearest lemon juice store, here are a few things to note:

  • This will lighten your hair just a few shades, which is good, because you don’t have to deal with that artificial roots problem that salon-dying causes. The downside is, you really don’t know what color to expect. Consider it a surprise party for your hair.
  • Also, the more times you juice and sunbathe, the lighter your hair will get. Duh. Ok, ladies. Let’s talk moderation. Do not do this every day and then sue me when your hair falls out. Maybe, do it once every week or so until you get the color you desire.
  • Warning: Do not put lemon juice in your hair and then go swimming. I have never tried this but I can pretty much guess what would happen. Green hair and tears. Don’t let this happen to you but if it does, please send me a picture. Haha. I’m just kidding…but seriously.
  • Double Warning: Don’t get too excited about your new lemon highlights and forget to put on sunscreen please…if you do though, aloe vera can ease the pain of sunburns.

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Hello world! Welcome to my blog! My name is Avyn and I have created this blog to inspire others. Writing is therapeutic and I am using this blog as my therapy. I yearn to be a famous writer one day, not necessarily a reporter or an author, just simply be known as a writer. I enjoy life and everyone in it. Some call me crazy but hey, you have one life to live have fun! Enjoy my blog!!

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